Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   What is domain tasting?
A.   Domain tasting is the process of registering a domain name for a period of five days or less, parking it (showing ads), and seeing if it makes money. If the domain makes money, the registrant keeps it, if not, it is deleted and the registration fee is refunded back to the registrant. The registry (com/net/org/biz/info/us) allow for a 5 day grace period in which newly registered domains can be deleted for a full refund. Tasting only works in large volumes, which is why some registrars register tens or hundreds of thousands of domains per day. Learn about the history of tasting and how it works by clicking here.

Q.   What is domain kiting?
A.   Kiting works the same way as tasting except the registrant deletes the domain whether or not it makes money, before the 5 day grace period expires, and re-registers it, again and again. This way the registrant never actually owns the name for more than 5 days and can have quick access to his cash when the domain stops making money.

Q.   Where can I learn about the domain terms used on this site (ex: TLD, registrant, etc)?
A.   Checkout our sister site, for a list of common domain terms and their meanings.

Q.   Where can I taste domains?
A.   Many registrars provide domain tasting to the public but usually charge a small deletion fee to generate revenue from domains that would otherwise be registered. Moniker, eNom and Dynadot are a few.

Q.   Why do some registrars register hundreds of thousands of domains per day?
A.   The tasting approach only works when registering domains in volume, since only a tiny fraction (<1%) of the domains are generally kept.

Q.   How much does this site cost?
A.   It's free.

Q.   I am a registrar and wish to be removed from your list, can you do that?
A.   Yes, it's possible. Please contact us with a reason you wish to be removed from this service.

Q.   Do you collect e-mail and registrant data as well?
A.   Yes, but to protect the privacy of registrants we do not publish those.

Q.   What time are the lists updated?
A.   Noon (12:00:00 USC) is the primary update but they may be available as early as 9 AM USC.

Q.   What's the point of this service?
A.   To monitor tasting registrations and provide a useful report for anyone who uses that information.

Q.   Who runs this site?
A.   The same company that brought you Domain Research Tool and PremiumDrops, Lezon Inc.

Q.   Why are the reports delayed by 48 hours?
A.   Comparing and analyzing zone files takes a lot of time and processing power. Also, the registry only allows us to download a copy of the zone file once per day, so we do not provide live registration statistic but rather delayed by 48 hours (though they can be peeked at earlier).

Q.   What TLDs do you monitor?
A.   We currently monitor com,net,org,info,biz,us and .sk. More will be added shortly. You can also request another TLD.

Q.   What are zone files?
A.   Zone files are flat text files provided by each registry (ex: com/net/org/us/etc) that contain a list of all registered domain names and their name servers. These files are available for download free of charge once per day. Comparing a daily zone file to a zone from the previous day yields new domain registrations and deleted domain lists.

Q.   What does the "New Registrations" column mean?
A.   New registrations include domains added to the zone file since last update. These are domains which have been registered on the date specified in the report (usually 24-48 hours delayed).

Q.   What does the "New Deletions" column mean?
A.   New deletions include domains which have been removed from the zone file since the last update, and confirmed to be deleted. These domains were available for registration at the time of the scan.

Q.   What does the "Kept" column mean, and how is it computed?
A.   Kept domains, as the name implies, are domains which the registrar has not deleted within the 5 day grace period. This means that the domains can no longer be deleted for the refund and are registered for a period of one or more years. The domains can sitll be force deleted before their expiration date, however a refund will not be received. With tasting registrars, these tend to be the money generating domains, and with non-tasting registrars, these are usually all domains. This data is computed by checking how many domains registered 6 days ago are still registered at the time of the scan.

Q.   What does the "Age" column mean?
A.   The age refers to the amount of days a domain was registered for before it was dropped. This column is only applicable to dropped domain names.