Domain Keyword and Name Server Alerts

We now offer the ability to configure custom alerts for changes in domain registration.

For example, if you wanted to monitor new registrations or dropping domains for a set of keywords (or full domains) to match against, you now can.

Our simple interface allows you to create up to 625 keyword filters to match with. You can select to be notified upon new registration, domain deletion or if the domain is kept. You can even customize whether monitoring should be applied to all registrars or just one registrar.

We are working on adding nameserver based monitoring as well.

Alerts are sent out at NOON (12:00:00 USC) via e-mail and the reports are CSV (Excel) style attachments (compressed with zip). All alerts can be downloaded at any time from the alerts section of the site.


Login to create alerts.

Monitoring is 100% FREE!

That's right, the service is 100% free. No catch, no spam and no BS. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Since a valid e-mail address is required to send out the daily alerts, we require all users interested in monitoring to register with their e-mail address and name.

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